Compensation Concept for Members


The CO2 compensation for members is based on two components:

  • Depending on economic data, there is a minimum compensation amount that is usually invested monthly in the CO2Fund and supports compensation projects through the acquisition of CO2Coins (symbol on the DEX Steem-Engine: COCO).
  • One third of the acquired CO2Coins are transferred to an "escrow account" on the Steem blockchain, owned by the association Simplex World Society, and thus work indirectly by supporting the value of the CO2Coin.
    20% of the CO2Coins held by this account can be released quarterly and, if so, sold or retained by the member.

The purpose of the concept is

  • to make the commitment cost-effective or even a worthwhile investment through the increase in value of the CO2Coins held by the member and thus
  • to provide an incentive for a higher compensation contribution as well as
  • to win further long-term oriented investors for the CO2Coin COCO

Our following members reduce their CO2 footprint:


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